HMRC provides many different services, and currently allows many of those services to be managed online. It is still possible to get in touch with HMRC by using the HMRC contact number to ask questions or receive assistance, but there are tasks that can now be completed without the need to ask for help. The following general information is related to online services and the tasks that can be performed either in-part of entirely online.

HMRC online services do require registration. There is no cost to register and registration requires just some basic information. You will need to create a login name and set a secure password for signing into your account. If you need help with creating an account, or have lost your password and need help, speak with a HMRC representative.

A different type of account will need to be created for dealing with topics that are not included in the list above. The basic HMRC online account cannot be used for Self-Assessment using GOV.UK Verify, marriage Allowance applications, excise, import and export services, employment intermediary reports, or checking or updating your company car tax. These may still be managed in part online, but a different type of account will need to be created in order to do so. Any HMRC agent can provide you with information about the type of account needed.

Email communication is used to confirm certain changes or to update you about the status of applications. Some forms do still need to be sent in via post, but most of these forms can be printed from the HMRC website. The website has replaced the old HMRC site, and this new site is where you will need to go to create an account and log into that account. Consider bookmarking this site if you make use of HMRC services often.

Clearly, there are many benefits to having a HMRC online account. However, it is important to note that phone support is still available when you need it. Agents are able to answer your questions, provide you with forms, offer guidance, and more. As with most things today, the internet is used to make processes easier. Even so, nothing will ever replace the ability to speak directly with someone who can provide individual support.